Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Memories

 My favorite memory from this summer is the week my daughters and I spent in Galveston. It was the first time we had EVER spent time together like that. We spent time scrapping and card making together. We also spent time on the beach and in the condo swimming pool. We went to the Strand and did some sight seeing and shopping. Had a great time and plan to do it again next summer.
 Hopefully I can get some pictures downloaded soon. The girls haven't shared any of their pictures with me yet.
 I'm still working on learning how to manuver around Blogger and get my site the way I want it.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Me Oh My

Well try as I may I can not get my pics to be where I want them. So for now they will remain at the bottom of the page.

Photos Added

  Today I am learning my way around blogger adding photos and other elements. I'm sure as time goes by I will get better at it. For now everyone just has to "grin an' bare it" as I learn.
  These pics are from a couple of swaps I did at Lil'Scrapofheaven. I must say that these are my FIRST swaps EVER. I am kinda proud of them though.
  Tomorrow I will post more pics and hopefully it won't take me 3 hours to do it!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lindy's Stamp Gang: NEW LABELS

Lindy's Stamp Gang: NEW LABELS: "Are your Lindy's Stamp Gang Starbursts jealous of the new, glossy, colorful labels??? Replace them all for $0.25 each All LABELS ship for..."

New beginings

This is my first post on my first ever blog. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time but I hesitated because I don't feel like anyone would want to read what I have to say. I decided to heck with it , I might want to read what I have to say.
 I don't know that I will post everyday , I mean I don't even get on the computer everyday , but I do want a place that I can post pictures to for my family to see without having to  attach them to an e-mail that ends up being to large for the e-mail to download in a decent amount of time.
 Also there are times when I would like to join a competition on some of the cardmaking sites , but I don't have anything to link to. Therefore this site will be for that if nothing else.
 I'm sure some will ask why the name "Lavender And Lilacs"? All I can say is "Why Not" I like the name.
 Well I guess that is all for now. Maybe I'll go get some pics to put on here , but then again maybe not.



Pink cardstock eveningbag